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World Biodiversity Day - 22nd May 2013

Biodiversity basically means the 'variety' in life forms. And it is found all around you. From the birds to the bees, from the shrubs to the trees, and the numerous shells in the open seas,.. everything is 'Biodiversity'.

Our biotic and abiotic natural resources are what sustains us and our needs. And biodiversity plays a major role in providing us with this constant supply of the natural resources that we need.The 22nd of May every year is celebrated as 'World Biodiversity Day', to acknowledge and appreciate the other forms of life for their need and importance in our own survival.

Many may be unaware of this fact that India is the 12th most megadiverse country in the world. The diversity of species found here is immense. So much so that it boasts of 390 species of mammals alone, making it the seventh richest country in mammalian life. It is also ninth in birds, fifth in reptiles and tenth in plant diversity, worldwide. The various highlands, plains, plateaus, d…