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Green Crusaders at Dominic Savio High School, Andheri.

28th January 2011 

The students of Dominic Savio High School, Andheri have enthusiastically entered the Green Schools Campaign by launching a 'Green Crusade'. Here is a flyer that describes what they have begun doing.

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From Ideas to Action—Sacred Heart High School, Vashi

25th January 2011
‘This is my plant!’ piped a tiny student of Sacred Heart High School, proudly showing off her sapling. We were impressed—these students, and their eco-club in particular, have taken decisive steps to make their school a greener and healthier place. Our visit began with the eco-club, led by their teacher Mrs. Nirmala, showing us their garbage management system, where wet waste is composted and used as fertilizer for plants. This led us to their next initiative, a small garden of medicinal plants. They then explained how they’ve succeeded in combining environmental consciousness with utility by setting up an organic garden where they grow vegetables with the manure generated from the school’s wet waste. They also went on to show us how they are trying to involve other students in their greening activities by getting them to bring their own plants to the nursery.

One Step at a Time—Auxilium High School, Wadala

20th January 2011 The teachers at Auxilium Wadala are a spirited lot! It was our first visit to the school, and the assignment for the day was to introduce the concept of ‘Green Schools’ to the teachers. For once, we were pretty edgy, wondering how the teachers would respond while they were on the other side of the classroom. But their enthusiasm took us completely by surprise. The discussion began with the teachers exploring WHY each of us needs to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, and the possible ways to make the idea appealing to children and youth. The group then came up with effective ideas of WHAT can be done in the school to reduce the environmental impact of our daily activities. Finally, the discussion moved to HOW these ideas can be implemented in our schools and homes.

No Dearth of Green Ideas—Don Bosco High School, Borivali

19th January 2011 The GreenLine team did a series of sessions for the students of Don Bosco High School, Borivali on Wednesday, 19th January. Beginning with Std IX and ending with Std V, each class had a 45-minute session that focused on the environmental crisis the world is facing and practical steps that the students can take to address this problem.