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Brighter Energy Saving Ideas come alive at Our Lady of Dolours High School, Marine Lines!

january 27, 2012

So, here we were, back at possibly the tiniest school we are working with - Our Lady of Dolours, Marine Lines. The size of the school however, can never measure the enthusiasm of these students here. In the prelude to our session, all the boys and girls were bright and pepped up for another session of environmental awareness and action. We started of by doing a recap on the last session, which dealt with water. The students said they had done a diar bit of work- we felt they could have done better. Nonetheless, a little is better than none at all.

The boys and girls loved the starter exercise of comparing two children's different lifestyles; one being from the 1980's and the other from 2012. The primary aim achieved recieved this was the understanding that the consumptiopn of energy had gone up drastically with the passage of time. Jessica then did the energy presentation for the kids, explaining different statistics and figuures of energy use and needs around …

Andreans to Save up on Energy!

24th January,2012     Today the GreenLine Team had a session with the Andrean boys.Throughout the session, the boy were quite diligent with their answers .The session began with Fr. Savio asking the boys about the different factors that have led to rise in Energy usage at present. He then spoke about how our dependence on fossil fuels will eventually lead to its depletion and increased levels of pollution in the atmosphere and also about the impacts of excess Energy usage and how this has now put a tremendous strain on our environment. Next, there was a screening of a 8minute short clip about Climate change, its impacts by National Geographic. After watching the movie, the boys pointed out that we need good leadership if we intend to change the direction in which we are headed. Then, the boys were given a set of activities which would help them conserve energy in their school so as to be an energy efficient school. The boys were quite excited to try out these activities and we wish the…

Fort Convent - Save ON, Switch OFF

23rd January 2012
 Man in the process of advancing further has explored and benefited from the Planet but has led to the slow destruction of the equilibrium that existed between the nature and ecosystem. The students of Convent of Jesus and Mary High School, Fort are well aware about the environmental crisis which is already at our door and they are doing their best to be more environmentally responsible in every little way possible. At the start of the session, the students came up with an impressive model of their school building and explained it in brief. Then they spoke about the check for leakages that they had conducted in their school. From the start of the session it was quite obvious that their enthusiasm to do their bit for the environment had not been dialed back but rather it had increased.

    Fr.Savio then, asked the girls to pick out the differences in our lifestyle over a specific time period and how all of these changes have resulted in increased demand and supply for E…

Let's Save Energy at St.Jerome's , Kashmira!

20th January, 2011
        With every school we come across we see that the children have developed environmentally-friendly values and behaviours. They understand quite well about climate change and  other emnvironmental problems that are posing 
a threat for our survival on this Planet. Our session here began with the students listing out the  activities they have carried out to conserve water in their schools and communities. It was good to see the enthusiasm with which they spoke about all the tasks they have completed from our last session's 'my school saves water challenge'. They had spread awareness regarding water shortage in their school and neighborhoods.
  Alden  then introduced the topic of 'Energy' to the students by asking them to list out the various changes in our lifestyles we have undergone and how our dependence on technology has increased our dependence on energy! Then, Jessica spoke about the fundamental challenge of increase in demand and the dec…

Don Bosco High School, Borivli Join Energy Campaign

January 19, 2011

Don Bosco High School looks like the most nature-conscious school we work with-- when we are outside the school, we are surrounded by plants and trees of different kinds. Entering the school, we are greeted by, well, surprisingly, a large number of different kind of birds. This is one of those rare palces in the city where you get to see such a large number of turkeys, along with a large number of different colored birds. If the students of this school want to see what could be at loss with environmental degradation, all they have to do is just look around.

Our energy session started with a presentation by Jessica on the increase of energy consumption and why it is essential to conserve energy. Next we showed the students a short 8 minute clip by the National Geographic Channel on the energy crisis. Alden, then gave a set of activities to the students which would help them to make their school more energy conscious as well as energy efficient! The students were all exci…

Energy Saving at Don Bosco High School, Naigaon

January 18, 2011

There are so many great things about being a part of the Green Schools Campaign. Besides the fact that we strive for a better, cleaner, and eco-friendlier planet, one of the most endearing facts to this whole campaign is seeing how children look at the  world around as another reason to try harder to make a better world. With every school session we do, we are made aware that a wiser generation of environmentally conscoius people is coming up, probably bringing in smarter decisions for the planet-- and the students of Don Bosco High School, Naigaon, are just as enthusiastic as their suburban counterparts, if not more, about the cause.

Our session today began with three presentations the students made on how the students here have been saving water. This was followed by some of the students displaying the charts that they had made of the entire school building, laying special emphasis on the problems areas related to water. It was good to see the involvement of so many…

Watt's Down with Our lady of Good Counsel, Sion!

17 January, 2012 Today Team GreenLine had its session with the Eco Club members of Our Lady of Good Counsel School,Sion. Planet Earth is like a canary in a coal mine but there's still a huge hope left for our planet as these young minds move forward with go green mindset. This, we observed as the students spoke about how they implemented different methods to cut down on water wastage in their schools by fixing the leaks in their school buildings, spreading more awareness and taking forward 'cut the flush' idea in their neighborhoods! They spoke about the experiences while approaching the people in their communities with 'cut the flush' idea and how it made them happy when someone implemented it. They even put up posters to help spread awareness w.r.t water wastage and conservation.
Fr.Savio then introduced the topic for our today's session by engaging the students in a discussion to list out the various lifestyle changes that have occurred over the years and how …

Towards a 'Brighter' Future~St.Anne's, Colaba

16 January, 2012

Early afternoon saw us heading towards Colaba for our session with the zealous girls of St.Anne's. On our way to A.V room we noticed the posters on Save water posted on the staircase and indeed it was heartening sight! When these girls set their minds to do a task, they do nothing by halves. This was quite evident when the Session began with the girls presenting to the GreenLine Team about Water pollution and also shed some light on the recent groundwater pollution that is affecting India. After this they spoke about different means and methods they have implemented to save water in their schools and as individuals. They even came up to present the Water Map of their school and the leakages that were fixed.

Fr.Savio introduced the topic of 'Save Energy' to the girls by asking them about various changes in our lifestyles in present in comparison to our past and  how these changes have lead to increased consumption of energy in turn having a sizable impact on …

Don Bosco High Schoo, Matunga-- Conservation is the Secret of Our Energy

January 9, 2012

The year 2012 has begun on an inspiring note for those working on environmental issues as the United Nations has out and out declared it to be the International Year of Sustainable Energy for all. Unlike the issues of Forests, and Water like in the earlier years, here is a subject that perhaps links the old and the new better than any other: A need for the use of energy from the earliest of days, to the newest problem of fossil fuels running out at a much faster rate than they are being produced. This formed the background against which the GreenLine team decided that the  topic of "Understanding and Conserving Energy" would be the next area to go out to school kids with.

Don Bosco Boy's High School, Matunga was the first school to have joined in on our "Save Energy" initiative, and were quite an excited batch of students. Their excitement stemmed from the fact that the school had managed to successfully start a vegetable garden in their premise…

2012 opens at St. Theresa’s, Bandra

6th January 2012
The schools in Mumbai have reopened after the Christmas holidays, and so the Green Schools Campaign is also back in action. But really, the Campaign did not take a holiday during the holidays! We have been hearing of so many students who have been doing their own campaigning all through the Christmas week, especially spreading the ‘Cut the Flush’ idea and getting families in their neighbourhoods to implement the same. Congrats to all these Young Green Leaders!  
Our first session for 2012 was at St. Theresa’s High School, Bandra. This school has an up-and-about Nature (Science) Club, who are constantly looking out for new activities to engage in. Our session with them this morning – on Water – was met with immediate interest. All hands shot up when they were asked if they would take up the challenge to save water in their school, and also in their neighbourhoods. As with the other schools, the ‘cut the flush’ project was taken up with great enthusiasm. The students vou…

Every Drop Counts, Duruelo Convent!

6th January, 2012 
Our second session for the day was with the girls of Duruelo Convent. On our way to the hall, we were surprised to see that there was a recycle bin placed at the end of the corridor. Indeed, it seems that this school is doing its best to be part of environment conservation! By far, the largest crowd we've had a session with ! There were around 350 enthusiastic girls from the seventh and eighth grade present for this session! The session began with  Fr.Savio asking the girls about various problems plaguing the environment today. Bubbling with tremendous excitement, these girls were pit-pat with their answers!  
There was a screening of the GreenLine documentary on 'Water' which highlighted the miscellaneous issues surrounding Mumbai's water supply! After watching the documentary, the girls were asked to give in their inputs about their take on this issue. They agreed that water is indispensable for our survival and we must do our every bit to help conse…