Green Schools Campaign 2013-2014 Takes Off

Don Bosco High School, Matunga

The Green Schools Campaign is back!
And so are the sessions and activities with the students!

The theme for this edition of the Campaign is 'Green Alternatives' - looking for eco-friendly options or choices in our day-to-day lives.

A lot of sessions with schools have already been completed and many more are to follow in the coming weeks..

For the students, obviously the best place to start implementing 'Green Alternatives' would be in the school itself. And so, the first session of the year mainly focuses on the Green Alternatives that can be introduced in the school.

We look forward to an exciting year, interacting with a host of Changemakers from various schools in the city!

For details about the Campaign get in touch with us at

St. Anne's High School, Fort
Our Lady of Dolours High School, Marine Lines
St. Agnes High School, Byculla
St. Andrew High School, Bandra

Tree Revival Campaign

“He who plants a tree, plants a hope.” - Lucy Larcom

Students from six schools, renowned tree experts, data sheets, flooded lanes and counting/describing tree species is what summed up the pilot of ‘Tree Revival Campaign’ that we jointly organized with Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation at the Stanislaus premises, Bandra on the 12th of July, 2013 from 9.30 to 11.30 am.

The tree experts, who included the likes of Dr.Latoo, Rishi Agarwal, Katie Bagli, Renee Vyas and Hemanth Tripathi gave us an insight into the trees of our city and about how the students held the key to creating a greener future for the city.

The overall aim of the campaign was to make the students and ALMs aware of the trees in their locality and to identify the potential tree plantation sites within city limits for the future. As Dr. Latoo justifiably said, “We wouldn't care or protect something that we don’t know about”.

The programme began with Sonal Alvares from Ekonnect introducing the campaign, the approach and its objectives. Next, Rishi Agarwal, environmentalist and Fellow at ORF spoke about the the importance of not just planting trees, but also of taking care of the existing ones that are present in the city. Our very own, Devyani Singh from GreenLine gave the students instructions regarding how to go around and identify the trees and fill out the datasheets, thus making the student's participation a crucial part of the campaign.

Students were grouped as per their schools, then assigned a tree expert along with a volunteer and allocated different roads in and around the area for a ‘tree walk’, where they counted the number of trees and learnt about the varied tree species that they shared space with. On their return, students shared their experience with the audience about what they saw, learnt and what they will be taking back with them. 

Concluding the programme, Fr Savio Silveira gave the vote of thanks and appreciated the fact that despite the rough weather, most of the participants and all the invitees turned up for the event in support of the trees, which clearly gave out the message that there are people who still cared.