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The Go Green Club of Don Bosco High School, Borivli: A School to Look out for...

November 29, 2011

Like the statement makes it amply clear, it looks like the Go Green Club of Don Bosco High School, Borivli is really making a strong attempt at bagging top honors in the Green Schools Campaign's second edition. Our team reached the school, and even though the school had its Sports' Day going on, the arrangements for the session were perfect, with everything in place, and moving, one could say, almost to clockwork precision. The session began with the students of the club making a presentation on the waste audit that they had prepared following our earlier session. The presentation was perfect in every aspect, which while being very precise about the activity, also had quite an interesting side to it, with interviews taken with the Principal Fr. Carlos, and Administrator Fr. Allwyn. This shows that the schools administration also takes an active interest in the green activities, a step that is vital to the club's success...

Father Savio applauded the stude…

Trap the Tap at Don Boscos Matunga

November 29, 2011

The Nature Club of Don Bosco’s, Matunga was all geared up for another GreenLine session yesterday.  The session was regarding all issues dealing with Water Conservation. There was a brief introduction about how water is integral for us. The students gave in their inputs as to why water is a fundamental right for every individual. Then there was a screening of a GreenLine Movie titled “value water’. After the screening, the students voiced out the various concerns, we, as Mumbaikars face with regards to water shortage.

During the session the students were made aware about the inadequacy of water supply that is slowly plaguing the city and the amount of water that we abuse on a daily basis. The students were quite astonished with the stats and resolved that they would value water in whichever way possible. They gave some relevant suggestions on how they could cut down on wastage of water on their part. To the end of the session, the students were given a list of tasks th…

Our Lady of Dolours, Marine Lines Has A Water Challenge to Gear up to!

November 28, 2011

There is a little something different about each and every school that we visit in the Green Schools Campaign. Some are extremely huge, with thousands of students, the others not at all that, with only a few hundred students. What amazes us about Our Lady of Dolours School, Marine Lines is that it is so small, your most probably are never going to know there is a school around, until you really look! One of the earlier schools catering to the locals of the area, the Church building is the only real sign that there could possibly be an educational center around here. One thing that definitely separates this school from the rest is the fact that the school is so miniscule, that we do the sessions in the church building instead.

That being said, the children form the nature club at the school are definitely among the excited groups of the school with so much activity going on all over the place. We reached the school at 10.30 and most of the students had gathered for the…

St.Stanislaus, Bandra Boys All Set To Save Water

Nov 26, 2011

Today St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra had its first session with the GreenLine team, making it the newest addition to the Green Schools Campaign. The session was with the 8th Standard boys from the nature club, who were quite a vibrant bunch!
The session began with Fr. Savio introducing the Green Schools Campaign to the students. He then led the group through an exercise, which helped them realize that we need to feel upset about the damage being done to our 'home' - the Earth. Next, the GreenLine film on Water was screened. This was followed up with a lively discussion on the different issues that the film raises. The students were quick in giving their observations and insights on the problems of water scarcity, wastage and pollution that Mumbai faces. At the end of the discussion, they expressed their eagerness to do their bit to address these problems. At this point, Alden took over the session and presented the students a set of activities they could do in t…

Value Water


Water Saving Time at St. Joseph School, Wadala

24 November 2011

The boys at St. Joseph High School are always up for a challenge and this could be seen from the fact that for our session with them today, along with the regular 9th standard students, there were also smaller boys from the younger classes! This school has one of the most comprehensive plans to initiate every student into the Green Schools campaign, and today was no different! It was great to have the younger boys join in to the activities to be done in the school.
Due to certain technical difficulties, it was not possible to have the GreenLine movie on water played out.  However, both of the presentations went on well, the first being on water issues in the city of Mumbai, and the second a list of all of the activities the boys would be employing to save water in their school. The boys looked as enthusiastic as always to try out the activities and we are sure they’ll do really well in their effort!

All the best to the boys from St. Josephs!

Don Bosco’s High school, Naigaon Vows to save Water!

This was our third session with the students of the Eco club from Don Bosco High School, Naigaon, and the students were enthusiastically looking forward it. The session began with a presentation by the students on the Waste Audit that they had conducted in the school.  They focused on the amount of waste generated in the school, waste segregation and recycling. They also pointed out that they have prepared a Compost Pit and have begun putting the wet waste into it. After the presentation, Fr. Savio complemented the students for the good work that they had done, and then proceeded to introduce the next topic, which with regard to water. This was followed by screening of the GreenLine movie titled ‘Value Water’.

At the end of the movie, there was a discussion on the various issues raised by the movie. This was then followed by a presentation on  water pollution and its wastage in Mumbai, by Jessica. The final part of the session was conducted by Alden, in which he explained different ac…

St Jerome High School, Kashi-Mira take up the “My School Saves Water” Challenge!

November 22, 2011

We found ourselves today at St. Jerome High School Kashi-Mira nice and early for our first session here for the Green Schools Campaign’s second edition. A new entrant in the Green School’s Campaign, the students for the session included boys and girls from the Eighth Standard; all wondering what was in store for this special session. All bright and bubbly, we ourselves wondered what was in store for us.
The session began with Fr. Savio telling the students about the Green Schools Campaign, and the work that GreenLine has been doing. He then took them totally into the session by easing them into questions on water, and their attitude towards it. This was followed by GreenLine’s mini-documentary on Respecting and Valuing Water, a look at the city’s water problems, and a number of different outlooks towards the same. 
Following this, Jessica told the students present about different stats on water that the city of Bombay and India have. The third part of the session was co…

The Girls at Auxilium Convent High School Pali all set to Save Water!

November 21, 2011

We were greeted with great enthusiasm from the Girls for our Second Session at Auxilium Convent High School, Bandra. This time around, we had students from the eighth, ninth as well as the tenth standard, unlike the last time where only the ninth participated. Over a hundred girls present, all of them seemed chirpy in their responses to questions we asked on the environment.

The session began with an introduction by Fr. Savio on the concept of Water, its importance and the urgency of valuing it better, followed by a GreenLine Movie on various issues we face in Mumbai with regards to water. The girls were quite attentive throughout the movie, and from their reactions, it seemed to have enjoyed it.  Next there was presentation by Jessica about Water, its wastage and scarcity in Mumbai. The girls were proficient in answering all of the questions asked to them.

 This was followed by a presentation by Alden on activities that the girls could do to conserve water in their sch…

Liter by liter, Don Bosco School, Nerul to save Water!

20 November 2011

The student members of the Nature Club at Don Bosco, Nerul always seem excited to do new things on the environment in their school, and always seem more than happy to have us members of the GreenLine Team coming in to give input sessions and new activities for them to complete. The third session that we took with the students saw the same enthusiasm, with children from a number of different classes coming to the session, oven though it was their Open House. The topic for the session was Respect and Value Water, and from the minute we started, we knew we were at a school gearing up for some major water saving.

The first session for the GreenLine team post-Diwali vacations, Father Savio introduced Jessica Serrao to the students, a new team member. This was followed by the premiere screening of a short documentary on Respecting Water- an amalgamation of the problems, solutions and everyone’s responsibility towards saving this precious resource. This followed with a present…

Podar Students Light Up a Sewri Slum

Early October, we at GreenLine got a call from a student from R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics, stating that her group would like to do an environmental project, as it were one of the requirements in the management studies course. We agreed and from mid- October, it was decided that the seven students from the college-- Ruchita Waghela, Aparna Gopinath, Urvi Bhandare, Adwait Vaidya, Shardul Khatate, Prathamesh Shirolkar, and Sanjit Tambe would be working in the Sitagad area of Sewri East.
The students started their trips to Sewri on October 16, and their visits went on until November 10, excluding the Diwali week and Sundays. The four main topics that the students decided they wanted to work upon were those of energy use, water wastage, garbage segregation and the benefits of community gardening.
The initial days of the project went into introductions of people and the plans that were underway. The students interviewed a number of families understanding the ways of living a…