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Green School Campaign 2012-13:ACTIVITIES

So we're back with another edition to the Green Schools Campaign. This year we have about 46 schools on board and we're already halfway through completing the first sessions! Till now we've been having a great time and hope you are too!

We left you with quite a few activities to do... and also have mailed you handouts on how to carry out the activities.
The activities are:
1. Green Mapping and Listing trees (Group Activity)
2. Adopt a Tree & Story of My Tree (Individual)
3. Green Wall (Group Activity)
4. Paper Drive (Group Activity)


1. Decide on an area which you need to map. It can be your school and school vicinity, the area around the school, your neighborhood, society etc. Remember, you have to carry out this activity in your school as well as an area outside your school (Ex. A housing society, a nearby garden etc.)
2. Before you start mapping, make sure you write down the name of the area on the top of the map.
3. Draw an initial map of the building…

Green School Campaign 2012-13: A glimpse

We've started with the Green Schools Campaign 2012-13!  Here's a glimpse of few of the schools that are a part of the campaign this year.