St. Anne's High School Malad's Environment Club on a Energy Saving Spree!!

14 February 2012

The Green Schools Campaign saw itself surrounded today by the 7th and 8th graders of St. Anne's High School, Malad. The Session conducted was on the topic of energy. However, before we got to the main subject for the day, the boys and girls spoke about how they had completed most of their tasks from the previous session on water. Miss Seema Ramdas, who has been leading the children of the environment club here told Alden that there were more than 150 houses in which the "Cut the Flush" Campaign is already being implemented.

The session on energy conservation began with the start-up activity showing the children the differences in lifestyle that have come about in the last thirty years. From here, Alden did a presentation on the energy statistics for India as well as the global scenes for coal and oil/petrol (the two main fossil fuels used). This was then followed by a briefing on the activities that the children were expected to complete in the next one month. Enthusiastic as they are, we are sure that we are going to see a greater participation from here, hopefully from events that will involve different sections of society in the green endeavor.

St Xavier's Boys' Academy on the Path to Saving Water

February 09, 2012

St. Xavier's Boys Academy Churchgate was the location for our latest session on water conservation. Our session was with the 7th, 8th and 9th standard students of the school, and boy were they an excited, relaxed, enthusiastic bunch! We began our session by asking the boys their views on the recent "Meet the Mithi" Program that we had conducted. We got quite a few good reciews for the same. Following this, we delved into our topic for the day "Water Conservation and its importance".

We started off with Jessica explaining to the boys how vital a role water plays in our everyday life, and how its unchecked  wastage leads to problems like massive water shortages, and a number of different problems all over the city. This was followed by the playing of the documentary fim, "Water". The students watched the entire movie with earnest interest and answered a host of different questions that Alden asked later. Following this, Alden explained a presentation on the water activities that the boys were expected to complete by the next month. The boys had a number of questions anf ideas and it looked like we were in the most enthusiastic student group yet!

We hope the excitement of the students continues and becomes stronger through the years!

Welcome Holy Name High School to the Green Side!

February 8, 2012

       Holy Name High School is one of the most prestigious schools in Mumbai, and is located in a place well known since colonial times, Colaba. Today, the GreenLine Team had two sessions with its students from the Eighth standard. Right from the start, the students were an enthusiastic lot and actively participated throughout the session.

       The first session that we conducted dealt with the theme of Waste Management,a topic that was introduced to the students by Fr.Savio. Following this, there was a screening of the GreenLine Movie on the beauty of Planet Earth and how it has been ruined, and how there is a need to do small steps to improve conditions again. After the movie, the students pointed out that most humans do not value our Planet. Some also pointed out that with our progress and development, we are now going about destroying the natural world, more than improving it. The students were quick to point out  that there is still hope if we decide to make a change and save our Planet.

 Alden then presented certain facts about the waste we generate annually and how it is a threat to the environment. The students were quite keen on doing something in order to reduce waste. Fr.Savio, then spoke about conducting certain activities which would help them to spread awareness and cut down on the waste in the school. Certain students volunteered to take up the responsibility of conducting these activities.

The next session was with the next batch of Class 8 students, which dealt with the topic of Water Conservation. A GreenLine documentary on 'Water' was screened following which there was a small discussion where the students spoke about the different problems the city of Mumbai faces with regards to Water Supply and Water Pollution. Then Alden gave the students a list of tasks, all part of the "My School Saves Water" campaign, which would help them conserve water and make their school a much more water-efficient one. This school upholds the vision to raising better people for the world of tomorrow, and we sincerely wish them the best as they strive to contribute to their betterment of the environment around by being more eco-friendly!

Will St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra make a strong comeback?

February 07 2012

WE have been going to schools across the city, all participants in the Green Schools Campaign, doing various sessions on environmental topics that affect our everyday life. Most of our sessions are good sessions, while some of the sessions turn out to be no-so-good. Today's session at St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra was one of the not-so-good sessions. While the reasons for the session not going good was not entirely avoidable, it still remains that this was the first session that we ever had to stop midways.

While we felt strange that the session could not continue to the end, there was still some good things to take back from the session. Some of the boys in the 120-odd group were  interested in the session and gave a number of good answers to the questions that we asked. Also, one of the members of the Nature Club here told us that following the water session that we had conducted, they had done a mapping of the  entire water system of the school. They had also got the peons to fix the fix leakages that were present in the school. The boy, Yash told us that he had managed to get around 30 people in his building to join in the "Cut the Flush" Campaign. The only task remaining for the school to follow up on was the drum to collect waste water. This also was in the process of being done.

Although we were a bit disappointed in the way the session went through today, we are hopeful that the school will make a strong, concerted effort in the Green Schools Campaign, and also give rise to many more environmental thinkers and leaders!

Holy Cross, Mira Road Get Into The Green Scene

February 6, 2012
               We are almost nearing the end of our Campaign this year and guess what! Holy Cross Convent School Mira Road is the new school aboard the Green Schools Campaign! Today the GreenLine team had its session with the bright eyed and bushy tailed students from Holy Cross Convent School. Since the number of students for the session was large, they were divided into two groups.
   We had our first session on Water Conservation with the Class 7th students. The session began with a small exercise by Fr.Savio which helped the students realize that Planet Earth is under threat and how we must act now to save it. Next there was a screening of a GreenLine documentary 'Water'. Then the students were engaged in a small discussion about the different issues raised in the film with regards to the Water scenario in Mumbai. Jessica, gave a presentation on the different aspects of water shortage and wastage with the help of statistics. The students were quite boggled with the figures and wanted to embrace a much greener lifestyle. So Alden  gave the students a number of activities they could do to conserve Water in their Schools and Neighborhoods. The students were excited to try out these activities and spread the word on Water Conservation. 
            The next session was with the other batch of students from Class Seventh on Waste Management. Another batch of Eco-concerned students who were well aware that we are responsible for our home-Planet Earth. The session began with the screening of another GreenLine Movie which emphasized on the beauty of our Blue Planet-Earth and how it is gradually being destroyed. The students response that followed after the movie convinced us that they really want to do their bit for the environment. Alden, then elaborated further on how we are a trashing our Planet with all the waste with the help of facts and figures. Following which, Fr.Savio spoke to students about conducting a Waste Audit in their School which would help them reduce, reuse and recycle the waste generated in their school. He suggested that the activity involve the school staff as well. The students made avowed intent that they would do their best to do these activities. 
We wish the students of Holy Cross Convent all the best in their endeavors

Let's Save 'Watt' We Have at Auxilium High School, Pali

February 3, 2012
     If you want to save Planet Earth, all one has to do is get started and make a difference. The Auxilium High School girls from Pali are already making Eco-conscious efforts to make this difference . As the session commenced, the girls made a small presentation about the various activities to conserve water in their school and at homes. The students stated that their efforts maybe small but every drop counts! They even presented a report on all the leakages that were fixed in their school. Then, we moved on to the topic of our Current Session ' Energy Conservation'. 
Alden introduced the concept of energy to the students by asking the students to draw out the major changes that have over occurred over a period of time in our way of living and how it has resulted in a steady increase in Energy consumption. Jessica elaborated further on how this increment of Energy Usage affects us with the help of statistics. Then, there was a screening of an 8 minute clip on Global Warming by National Geographic. Following which, there was a small discussion regarding the impacts of Climate Change and the need for conservation. Alden, then gave the students different activities they could do to conserve Energy in their Schools. The girls were quite enthusiastic to implement the various energy saving ideas that were given to them. We wish the Auxilium girls all the very best !