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Mapping Out a Green Plan—Don Bosco Nerul

30th July 2011
Our session at Don Bosco Nerul today was the highlight a cloudy day! Braving the rains, a group of 38 young eco-club members came together for their first Green Schools session of the year. Having already carried out projects such as sapling plantation and paper recycling in the previous year, the students were eager to further improve the environment in their school and neighbourhood.
What impressed us most was the students’ level of awareness about ecological issues. Their participation in the session on Eco-Mapping was truly outstanding! They quickly grasped the concepts of resource and problem mapping, and the possibility of using the Eco-Map as a tool for spreading environmental awareness in their school. They also expressed the conviction that such issues can only be addressed by working together.
At the end of the session, the students divided themselves into four groups, and chose names for their groups. Each team will be carrying out one activity within the eco-ma…

St. Andrew’s Makes Haste about Dealing with Waste

July 27, 2011
St. Andrews High School, Bandra, had its first session with GreenLine yesterday, becoming the newest school to join the Green Schools Campaign. The boys who attended the session were the students of the Tenth Standard--a very excited and enthused group! From the moment we introduced ourselves, it was clear that these boys wanted to be part of a programme that would transform their school and make them a batch to be remembered. The students participated actively in the session--a sign of many good things to come at St. Andrew’s.
In our introduction, we put forward to the boys the idea of being different from the crowd, of becoming a group that would learn to take responsibility for its own actions, and would encourage others also to join in efforts in making Mother Earth a better place to live in. Since it was the school's first session with GreenLine, the topic was how to make an eco-map in order to understand our environmental situation. An eco-map is a map that shows…

Dominic Savio School, Andheri: Getting Down and Dirty

July 26th, 2011
Dominic Savio High School Andheri was host to the Green Line team yesterday. Having won the prize for the 'Best Community Initiative in last year’s Green School campaign, we were excited about coming back to a school that is so active in environmental issues. The school's eco-club of the school comprises students from the 7th, 8th and 9th standards. They were, not surprisingly, accompanied by all of their 10th standard buddies who were part of the eco-club in the last year. The entire group of more than 60 students made for a very interesting session, with plenty of interaction, questions and answers, and a sense of growing awareness, responsibility and excitement!
From the second we introduced the boys to this year’s theme of ‘waste management’, they were gung-ho about everything; the plan for the year, the task at hand, the problems and subsequent solutions, and the need to make a society that does not look to others for solutions but finds solutions by itself.

Don Bosco's School, Matunga WASTES no time in auditing...

If you are under the impression that a group of oldies have come to do an audit of all of the finances of the Don Bosco's School in Matunga, wow, you could not be more wrong! For starters, the auditors in question are all between the ages of 10 to 16... yes they are the students of the school's Eco- Club, who came for the first session of Green Schools Campaign's Second edition, and if their enthusiasm is anything to go by, the rest of the schools already have some competition brewing up...

The session was held in the conference room of the school building, and saw more than seventy excited students, all armed with pen and paper for the session. The program saw very active participation from all of the children present, and since the topic was as interesting as it was, there was no surprise that the boys readily accepted the plan and activity for the month. The annual theme for the Green Schools Campaign  being waste management, we explained the relevance, and the steps inv…