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Greener Homes, Greener Lives

Gardening has always been part of the 'Dream Life', the dream that included a small back yard with a flower bed and a vegetable patch and a lush lawn between the two. For a long time, the dream was a reality for a number of us city dwellers, but as our city has grown this dream has taken the backseat.
In our quest to make this city grow, we've encroached on all available open spaces and with this, the back yards were the first to go. The next domino to topple over were the gardens and then the parks, walking tracks and soon the play grounds were soon to follow. Today open spaces are either a luxury shared by a privileged few or a bane when used as a make shift dumping ground. 
With all this shortage of space, gardening has never been upgraded to our 21st-century lifestyle, something that Julius Rego has been working towards. So in order to combat this shortage of space, Julius has asked us to redefine what we consider to be "Space", urging us to let go of our preco…