Time to Act—Don Bosco High School, Borivali

4th October 2011

The Go Green Club of Don Bosco High School Borivali is ready to prove their environmental commitment. In their first session as part of the Green Schools Campaign, 27 student leaders came together to understand the problem of waste in the city, and the process of conducting a waste audit in their school.

The session was marked by the students’ eager questions and intelligent comments. One of the boys summed up the issue of environmental destruction by stating that we lack a sense of ownership of and belongingness to the planet, and this pushes us humans to exploit it for monetary gain. Another student explained to the group that although we are busy chasing profits, no amount of wealth will sustain us if we exhaust Earth’s resources.

The members of the Go Green Club were quick to select their leaders and form teams to conduct the waste audit. They also expressed their willingness to involve other students and teachers in environmental projects in the campus. The mood of the session was aptly summarized by one the students, who said, ‘We all say we are committed to the environment, but it will only be believable if we actually DO something’. Judging by their response to this first session, we are sure that the students of Don Bosco Borivali will go on to make a positive impact on the environment in their school and neighbourhood.


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