Saving Energy @ Dominic Savio!

27th  February, 2012

Making our way through the harrowing traffic in Andheri, we are back again at Dominic Savio's for the last session of the year. As always, this school is indeed a delight to visit, as the young environmentalists here never fail to surprise us with their enthu and efforts to contribute to the green movement.The Dominic Savio Nature Club boys gave an impressive presentation on the Green Homes Movement which they had introduced and promoted in the Trans-Apt Society; besides managing the waste generated in the school and the various other activities they have implemented all year around. It was amazing to see the way they had promoted the Green Homes Movement in the society and also their plans to continue with it and spread it further next year.

Today the session conducted here was on Energy Efficiency. The students were engaged in a small exercise in which they were made aware of the lifestyle changes over the years that have led to increase in the overall Energy consumption. Next, there was a presentation on the various energy statistics in India and worldwide fossil fuel consumption. The students were made to realize that if we continue to live in an unsustainable manner, we will continue to contribute to the Greenhouse effect and also gradually deplete our fossil fuel reserve. They were then given a list of activities they could implement in their schools and at home to conserve energy. The Nature Club boys were quite eager to do these tasks and we wish them all the very best with it!   


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