Green School Campaign 2012-13:ACTIVITIES

So we're back with another edition to the Green Schools Campaign. This year we have about 46 schools on board and we're already halfway through completing the first sessions! Till now we've been having a great time and hope you are too!

We left you with quite a few activities to do... and also have mailed you handouts on how to carry out the activities.
The activities are:
1. Green Mapping and Listing trees (Group Activity)
2. Adopt a Tree & Story of My Tree (Individual)
3. Green Wall (Group Activity)
4. Paper Drive (Group Activity)


1. Decide on an area which you need to map. It can be your school and school vicinity, the area around the school, your neighborhood, society etc. Remember, you have to carry out this activity in your school as well as an area outside your school (Ex. A housing society, a nearby garden etc.)
2. Before you start mapping, make sure you write down the name of the area on the top of the map.
3. Draw an initial map of the building/area. For street lengths and shapes, you can walk around the area a few times or refer to Google Earth or Google Maps.
4. Make sure the drawing is a proportionate representation of the area.

5. Label and color code the building. Use one color for similar areas such as Grey for Buildings, Green for gardens, Brown for playgrounds and so on. Use LIGHT colors so that your markings and labels are visible.
6. Go around your campus and make a list of the type of trees & shrubs. List down ONLY trees & shrubs and NOT herbs.
7. Use the data sheet at the end of this hand out and list down the details of the tree. Designate the trees with DIFFERENT & DISCTINCT symbols. Fill the data sheet as shown


1. Take a USED empty cold drink bottle. Wash it well and using scissors or blade make a cut as shown.
2. Using a sharp pointed object make two holes on each side of the bottle.
Make sure the holes are small enough for a string to pass through and that they are in line with each other or your bottle won‟t look even.
3. Pass the strings through the holes as shown in the fig below:
Make two knots at the bottom, so that the bottle doesn‟t slip.
4. You can use a metal ring (available in most hardware stores, they‟re often used to support screws) to support your bottle better. This will support the bottle if it gets heavy.
5. Fill the bottle with garden soil and plant your sapling!
6. Don‟t hang more than 4-5 bottles in each column. Make sure the string/rope can take the weight of the bottles.

If you have any problems regarding any of the activities... don't forget to send us an email!!!
Good Luck!


Calvin Wankhede said…
Thanks! Great blog post!

Calvin Wankhede,
St. Anne's High School, Orlem
Calvin Wankhede said…
Thanks! Great blog post!

Calvin Wankhede,
St. Anne's High School, Orlem

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