Bird Race at Jamnagar - A Nature Lover's Delight!

Firstly, here's wishing all of you a Happy 'Green' Year from the GreenLine team.

We recently participated in the inaugural Saevus Bird Race 2012 at Jamnagar, Gujarat and also went on to win it by identifying 155 different species of birds within twelve hours! We also got the opportunity to visit Khijadia Bird Sanctuary, Narara Marine National Park, Lakhota Lake, Ranjit Sagar Dam and many other bird watching hotspots during the bird race..

During winter, migratory birds flock to Jamnagar every year, and this time wasn't an exception either. The variety of birds that can be seen in and around Jamnagar exceeds 300 different species.

Are you also interested in bird-watching, but hesitant to travel too far? Here's a surprise for you - there are ample amount of bird watching hotspots near Mumbai itself where you can get a chance to see many of these birds. The Sewri Mudflats is one such place, and now would be the best time to visit it. At any given day during winter, you are bound to see egrets, gulls, godwits, herons, ibis, kingfishers, kites, sandpipers, stints, terns and of course, the iconic flamingos. Here's a tip - if you want to see the birds closest to the shores, then the best time to visit would be just a couple of hours before high tide.

Here are some of the birds that we came across during our stay in Jamnagar-

Seagull frenzy at Lakhota Lake

Lakhota Lake - An ideal place for leisure bird-watching.

Lesser Sand Plover at Narara Marine National Park

Coppersmith Barbet near Ranjit Sagar Dam

Dunlins at Narara Marine National Park

The Photogenic Bird - Grey Heron at Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

Common Pochard stretches its wings at Lakhota Lake

Ruddy Turnstone at Narara Marine National Park

Western Reef Egret in the winter mornings at Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

A large number of waders seen in the mornings at Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

Spot-billed Ducks seen at Lakhota Lake

Western Marsh Harrier seen at Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

Common Teals at Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

Pied Avocets at Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

Flock of Flamingoes seen near Narara Marine Natinal Park

A large number of Demoiselle Cranes seen at Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

Oriental white-eye - You must have already figured out how the bird got its name!
Seen at Khijadia Bird Sanctuary


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