Earth Hour 2013 at Don Bosco, Matunga

GreenLine in collaboration with WWF celebrated the Earth Hour event at Don Bosco (Matunga) on the 23rd of March, 2013. The Earth Hour is a global participation-based event wherein everyone is asked to switch off their non-essential electrical devices for an hour to support energy conservation.
The event kicked off with an amazing acoustic gig by Musicial duo - Rex & Glen Fernandes who lured in the crowd with their performances. The participants were a mixture of kids from Don Bosco Shelter and many other neighboring schools, residents from the Matunga and a diverse lot of volunteers from various organizations.

Fr. Elson Baretto, from the Don Bosco Provincial House welcomed the gathering and mentioned that to help the planet we truly need to go beyond the hour and save energy in our daily lives. Devyani from GreenLine read out the pledge that stated our promise to conserve energy henceforth. The Mayor of Mumbai – Mr. Sunil Prabhu also commemorated the Earth Hour for its ideal cause.
At 2030hrs sharp, all electrical appliances were shut down to flag off with the ‘Candle Light Rally’ in and around Matunga. The route included the area around Don Bosco High School, Five Gardens and Koolars & Co. Restaurant. A ‘Flash Mob’ was also organized by Tabitha Thomas and her group  with the boys from Don Bosco Shelter keeping the environmental theme in mind.  The event was a major success, with over 200 people attending the rally, candles in hand, singing songs for the planet. Let’s keep the Earth Hour effect going and go beyond the hour… 60+


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