Nature Trail to Karnala Bird Sanctuary

4th February 2011
On 4th February 2011, the Eco Club members of Sacred Heart High School, 
Vashi attended a ‘Nature Trail’ organized by TERI. 


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Rithika Kumar said…
we had gone to the Yusuf Meherally Centre and the Go green Nursery for our Field trip
can i send the PowerPoint Presentation i made as well?
Savio Silveira said…
Sure, do send it, we will put it up on the site.
Rithika Kumar said…
Our school in association with TERI had organized 3 day camp to Pune. 12 children of the eco-club of the 8th standard had been selected for this camp. A total of 5 schools comprising of the Gurukul high school, D.Y. Patil high school, the cathedral Vidya School, st.xavier’s high school,and our school had gone for this trip. The camp schedule included trips to the Vigyan Ashram at Pabal, the potholes at Nighoj, the model villages, Ralegan Siddhi and Hivre Bazaar and included accommodation at a beautiful place called the Jai Malhar krishi Paryatan Kendra.
Our trip started at 8 oclock on 16th feb from our school itself.
Our first visit was to the Vigyan Ashram at Pabal. The Vigyan Ashram was founded by the Late. Shrinath Shishgiri Kalbag in 1983. It believes in the philosophy of learning while doing. It is basically set up for failed students and drop outs who are taught how to lead a normal and comfortable. They have four subjects mainly comprising of Agriculture and Animal husbandry, engineering, electrical, energy and environment related work, and home and health. They also have a small place where they are taught laser and radium cutting.
Nighoj was a beautiful place. It had potholes all around and the river Kukadi flowed through the centre.
The village of ralegan siddhi was built by Shri anna hazaare . anna believed in 5 principles:-
Kurhadbandi- meaning no cutting of trees
Charaibandhi – meaning no animal grazing
Nashaabandhi- no intoxication by means of drugs, alcohol etc.
Nasbandhi- proper family planning
And shramdaan- meaning devoting your time to work
The village of Hivre Bazaar was built by Shri Popatrao Pawar. It is situated in amednagar district. Located in the rain shadow area of the Sahyadari range , Hiware Bazar faced an acute water crisis and severe land degradation during the 1970s. Driven by a desire to improve the condition of the village, Popatrao Pawar came to the village from Ahmednagar. In 1990, he won the elections and became the sarpanch. From there began the transformation of Hiware Bazar. Each resident of Hiware Bazar village now earns almost double of most of the country’s rural population.

Morachi chincholi was the place we were staying in for the 3 days we were at pune. It is a beautiful place where peacocks and lots of tamarind trees can be seen.
We would like to thank the TERI organizers for such an amazing trip and our school for giving us the opportunity to have this excursion. We hope to have many more such trips.

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