Setting the Trend—Don Bosco Nerul

14th February 2011
A new school with big ideas—that’s what the GreenLine team discovered when we visited Don Bosco Nerul. Our day began with the students of Std. VII telling us that they are sure that small steps taken by large numbers of people can have a great positive impact. They were keenly aware that for present generations, sustainable living is not an option but a necessity. While the school, which is 5 years old, has not yet started an environment club, the students were eager to get involved in making their school environmentally sound.

The students of Std. VIII then went on to list out the practical steps that could be taken to ‘green’ their school. They were quick to identify specific issues—such as wastage of paper—and formulate plans to address these problems. They also stated that they will soon begin working towards segregation of garbage by setting up separate dustbins in their school, and that the digging of compost pits has already started.
The students of Std. IX concretized these plans by identifying five immediate areas of work and forming teams to take responsibility for these interventions in their school. The areas they have chosen to work on are:
1.    Garbage Segregation
2.    Tree Plantation
3.    Water Harvesting and Conservation
4.    Electricity Conservation
5.    Promotion of the use of public transport/cycles among students

The 10 team leaders then sat down with us for a detailed discussion of the immediate steps to be taken to achieve these goals. Since they will be the first ever batch from their school to pass out from Std. X next year, they assured us that they are eager to establish a ‘green culture’ in their school and set the trend that future batches will follow.

Here's wishing them all the best!


Noel said…
had a nice time with father and looking forward for many more sessions

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