Mapping Out a Green Plan—Don Bosco Nerul

30th July 2011

Our session at Don Bosco Nerul today was the highlight a cloudy day! Braving the rains, a group of 38 young eco-club members came together for their first Green Schools session of the year. Having already carried out projects such as sapling plantation and paper recycling in the previous year, the students were eager to further improve the environment in their school and neighbourhood.

What impressed us most was the students’ level of awareness about ecological issues. Their participation in the session on Eco-Mapping was truly outstanding! They quickly grasped the concepts of resource and problem mapping, and the possibility of using the Eco-Map as a tool for spreading environmental awareness in their school. They also expressed the conviction that such issues can only be addressed by working together.

At the end of the session, the students divided themselves into four groups, and chose names for their groups. Each team will be carrying out one activity within the eco-mapping task. With the help of their teacher Mr. Purshottam, these young people are sure to make positive changes in their school and surroundings.


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