St. Andrew’s Makes Haste about Dealing with Waste

July 27, 2011

St. Andrews High School, Bandra, had its first session with GreenLine yesterday, becoming the newest school to join the Green Schools Campaign. The boys who attended the session were the students of the Tenth Standard--a very excited and enthused group! From the moment we introduced ourselves, it was clear that these boys wanted to be part of a programme that would transform their school and make them a batch to be remembered. The students participated actively in the session--a sign of many good things to come at St. Andrew’s.

In our introduction, we put forward to the boys the idea of being different from the crowd, of becoming a group that would learn to take responsibility for its own actions, and would encourage others also to join in efforts in making Mother Earth a better place to live in. Since it was the school's first session with GreenLine, the topic was how to make an eco-map in order to understand our environmental situation. An eco-map is a map that shows all of the assets and problems in a place, and indicates ways to solve problems and protect natural resources. Each house was given a specific task and a month’s time to come up with reports and presentations on the same.

The GreenLine team is sure that the students of St. Andrew’s High School are going to make everyone proud with the work they put in, and will be an inspiration for future batches to work towards the health of the environment. We thank the Principal, Fr. Magi Murzello, for his permission to conduct the activity, and Miss Cynthia for the added support. All the Best, St. Andrew’s High School!


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