Bursting the Bubble, Cutting the Crap at SIES College

18th August 2011

Our team has often reflected on which groups are most likely to effectively work on issues of environment protection and environmental advocacy. Interactions with schools and neighbourhood groups have convinced us that it is young people--particularly college students--who are most likely to be leaders in this field. 

So, when we were put in touch with the Ecosophy Association of SIES College of Arts, Commerce and Science (Sion West), we were eager to help them set up their environmental programme. Today, we facilitated the Ecosophy Association's inaugural session, and were happy to see the students' enthusiasm to address environmental and civic issues. 

After the principal, Dr. Harsha Mehta, inaugurated the session and encouraged the students to 'connect' with their environment, the GreenLine team, with Mr. Ajay Damle (a volunteer and past student of the college), made a brief presentation on the Cut the Crap Campaign, a programme that the college will be implementing during the academic year. This was followed by the screening of a thought-provoking clip from the documentary 'Home'. 

The highlight of the event, however, was the discussion with the resource persons for the day--Mr. Rishi Aggarwal from the Mangroves Society of India and the Mumbai Environmental Social Network; Ms. Kalpana Andhare from Stree Mukti Sanghatna; and Ms. Monisha Narke from R u R (Are You Recycling?). Each of the panelists provided excellent insights into the ways of bringing about environment-friendly lifestyle changes, and encouraged the students to become responsible consumers and proactive citizens. 

The session ended with the students expressing their interest in making their college and neighbourhood a greener locality. What impressed us most was the students' willingness to implement this initiative not merely as volunteers, but as environmental leaders. We wish the Ecosophy Association, the students and the college the very best!


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