Planning the Change—Don Bosco High School Naigaon

4th August 2011

Naigaon seems just the perfect place for an Eco Club – on one hand, it abounds with mangroves, fields, little rives and ponds, while on the other hand, this beautiful landscape is scarred by garbage and potholed roads. No dearth of environmental ‘assets’ or ‘problems’. And that is exactly what the newly formed Eco Club of Don Bosco Naigaon will be focusing on during the next month – mapping the environmental assets and problems in their school campus and in the immediate neighbourhood.

As the GreenLine team explained the details of Eco-mapping, the students were quick to grasp the fact that having a good knowledge of the environment they live in, would enable them plan activities for the year ahead that would actually impact their surroundings. Their lively participation made the session extremely interesting and enjoyable.  

The Eco Club is made up of 64 members from Stds. 8th to 10th and is guided by Ms. Deepika. At the end of the session, the members divided themselves into four teams, elected Leaders and Assistant Leaders for each team, and also chose a name for their team. The students will now work in these teams for the Eco-mapping and also for subsequent activities.

The commitment of this school towards bettering the environment was clear from the fact that even the Principal attended a good part of the workshop! As for the students, as soon as the session ended, they excitedly began making plans to get started on the mapping. Naigaon is definitely going to feel the impact of these enthusiastic young environmentalists! 


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