St. Joseph's High School, Wadala -- Living the Greater Life!

August 09, 2011

The GreenLine team reached St. Joseph's High School today for its first session in the Green Schools Campaign there this year, and even before starting the session, what we noticed and liked was the motto of the school -- "I WAS BORN FOR GREATER THINGS". While the motto itself is very inspiring, what really made our day was seeing the bright students living up to that belief. Winners of last year's Best New Initiative Award in last year's campaign, the students participated with excellent levels of attention, responsiveness, and most importantly, the understanding that though the problem of waste management is huge, it is still one that can be tackled.

The session began with an address by the Head-Mistress,  Nicole Britto, after which the students watched a short movie on 'Making a Difference'. In the thought-provoking 5 minute exercise that followed, the boys of St. Joseph's showed enthusiasm in not only answering questions, but also being open-minded about all that was discussed. The GreenLine team then went on to presentations dealing with this year's theme of 'Waste Management'. The students discussed with us the first activity they will be doing in the campaign this year--A Waste Audit--since knowing the enemy is helps us tackle it!

St Joseph's is again going to be a school for the others to look out for... the students are bright; the teachers, especially the teachers in-charge, Teachers Padmini and Sunita seem ever-enthusiastic and encouraging; and the Principal, Fr. Bernard Fernandes, looks set to do whatever it takes to make the students as environment-conscious and eco-responsible as possible. Good luck to the school from the GreenLine Team, and Happy Environmental-Activism! 


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