St.Stanislaus, Bandra Boys All Set To Save Water

Nov 26, 2011

Today St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra had its first session with the GreenLine team, making it the newest addition to the Green Schools Campaign. The session was with the 8th Standard boys from the nature club, who were quite a vibrant bunch!

The session began with Fr. Savio introducing the Green Schools Campaign to the students. He then led the group through an exercise, which helped them realize that we need to feel upset about the damage being done to our 'home' - the Earth. Next, the GreenLine film on Water was screened. This was followed up with a lively discussion on the different issues that the film raises. The students were quick in giving their observations and insights on the problems of water scarcity, wastage and pollution that Mumbai faces. At the end of the discussion, they expressed their eagerness to do their bit to address these problems. At this point, Alden took over the session and presented the students a set of activities they could do in their school and neighborhood. The students enthusiastically took up the 'My School Saves Water Challenge' and promised to get going on the different activities immediately.
Stanislaus has as its motto: 'Born for greater things'. Well, we are definitely expecting this school to make a great contribution towards stemming the tide of water wastage and being a ripple of change by conserving and valuing water!


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