Trap the Tap at Don Boscos Matunga

November 29, 2011

The Nature Club of Don Bosco’s, Matunga was all geared up for another GreenLine session yesterday.  The session was regarding all issues dealing with Water Conservation. There was a brief introduction about how water is integral for us. The students gave in their inputs as to why water is a fundamental right for every individual. Then there was a screening of a GreenLine Movie titled “value water’. After the screening, the students voiced out the various concerns, we, as Mumbaikars face with regards to water shortage.

During the session the students were made aware about the inadequacy of water supply that is slowly plaguing the city and the amount of water that we abuse on a daily basis. The students were quite astonished with the stats and resolved that they would value water in whichever way possible. They gave some relevant suggestions on how they could cut down on wastage of water on their part. To the end of the session, the students were given a list of tasks that would help them promote water conservation in their schools and homes. The boys agreed to take up the challenge of saving water and implement all the tasks listed.
We wish the Bosco boys luck as they continue to march onwards to make their school a much water efficient one. 


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