The Girls at Auxilium Convent High School Pali all set to Save Water!

November 21, 2011

We were greeted with great enthusiasm from the Girls for our Second Session at Auxilium Convent High School, Bandra. This time around, we had students from the eighth, ninth as well as the tenth standard, unlike the last time where only the ninth participated. Over a hundred girls present, all of them seemed chirpy in their responses to questions we asked on the environment.

The session began with an introduction by Fr. Savio on the concept of Water, its importance and the urgency of valuing it better, followed by a GreenLine Movie on various issues we face in Mumbai with regards to water. The girls were quite attentive throughout the movie, and from their reactions, it seemed to have enjoyed it.  Next there was presentation by Jessica about Water, its wastage and scarcity in Mumbai. The girls were proficient in answering all of the questions asked to them.

 This was followed by a presentation by Alden on activities that the girls could do to conserve water in their schools and at home. From what the students stated, this school is going to be one of the pioneers for saving water in Bandra. The session was then concluded by Fr. Savio, where he asked a few of the students to take charge of the different activities that were part of the “My School Saves Water” Challenge. A number of girls eagerly volunteered for the same. 

We wish the students at Auxilium Convent High School, Pali the very best in their endeavor!


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