The Go Green Club of Don Bosco High School, Borivli: A School to Look out for...

November 29, 2011

Like the statement makes it amply clear, it looks like the Go Green Club of Don Bosco High School, Borivli is really making a strong attempt at bagging top honors in the Green Schools Campaign's second edition. Our team reached the school, and even though the school had its Sports' Day going on, the arrangements for the session were perfect, with everything in place, and moving, one could say, almost to clockwork precision. The session began with the students of the club making a presentation on the waste audit that they had prepared following our earlier session. The presentation was perfect in every aspect, which while being very precise about the activity, also had quite an interesting side to it, with interviews taken with the Principal Fr. Carlos, and Administrator Fr. Allwyn. This shows that the schools administration also takes an active interest in the green activities, a step that is vital to the club's success...

Father Savio applauded the students for their presentation and then invited them to talk a bit on the water situation in the city. This was followed by a documentary made by GreenLine on Water, a presentation on water stats for the city of Mumbai, and also a presentation by Alden on the water activities that were to be carried out by the students. Going by how these boys work, there is no doubt that the activity will be a resounding success! WE wish them the very best and will be back soon to see what they manage! Other schools part of the campaign, be wary, here is a standard being created!


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