St. Anne's High School Malad's Environment Club on a Energy Saving Spree!!

14 February 2012

The Green Schools Campaign saw itself surrounded today by the 7th and 8th graders of St. Anne's High School, Malad. The Session conducted was on the topic of energy. However, before we got to the main subject for the day, the boys and girls spoke about how they had completed most of their tasks from the previous session on water. Miss Seema Ramdas, who has been leading the children of the environment club here told Alden that there were more than 150 houses in which the "Cut the Flush" Campaign is already being implemented.

The session on energy conservation began with the start-up activity showing the children the differences in lifestyle that have come about in the last thirty years. From here, Alden did a presentation on the energy statistics for India as well as the global scenes for coal and oil/petrol (the two main fossil fuels used). This was then followed by a briefing on the activities that the children were expected to complete in the next one month. Enthusiastic as they are, we are sure that we are going to see a greater participation from here, hopefully from events that will involve different sections of society in the green endeavor.


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