Welcome Holy Name High School to the Green Side!

February 8, 2012

       Holy Name High School is one of the most prestigious schools in Mumbai, and is located in a place well known since colonial times, Colaba. Today, the GreenLine Team had two sessions with its students from the Eighth standard. Right from the start, the students were an enthusiastic lot and actively participated throughout the session.

       The first session that we conducted dealt with the theme of Waste Management,a topic that was introduced to the students by Fr.Savio. Following this, there was a screening of the GreenLine Movie on the beauty of Planet Earth and how it has been ruined, and how there is a need to do small steps to improve conditions again. After the movie, the students pointed out that most humans do not value our Planet. Some also pointed out that with our progress and development, we are now going about destroying the natural world, more than improving it. The students were quick to point out  that there is still hope if we decide to make a change and save our Planet.

 Alden then presented certain facts about the waste we generate annually and how it is a threat to the environment. The students were quite keen on doing something in order to reduce waste. Fr.Savio, then spoke about conducting certain activities which would help them to spread awareness and cut down on the waste in the school. Certain students volunteered to take up the responsibility of conducting these activities.

The next session was with the next batch of Class 8 students, which dealt with the topic of Water Conservation. A GreenLine documentary on 'Water' was screened following which there was a small discussion where the students spoke about the different problems the city of Mumbai faces with regards to Water Supply and Water Pollution. Then Alden gave the students a list of tasks, all part of the "My School Saves Water" campaign, which would help them conserve water and make their school a much more water-efficient one. This school upholds the vision to raising better people for the world of tomorrow, and we sincerely wish them the best as they strive to contribute to their betterment of the environment around by being more eco-friendly!


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