Will St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra make a strong comeback?

February 07 2012

WE have been going to schools across the city, all participants in the Green Schools Campaign, doing various sessions on environmental topics that affect our everyday life. Most of our sessions are good sessions, while some of the sessions turn out to be no-so-good. Today's session at St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra was one of the not-so-good sessions. While the reasons for the session not going good was not entirely avoidable, it still remains that this was the first session that we ever had to stop midways.

While we felt strange that the session could not continue to the end, there was still some good things to take back from the session. Some of the boys in the 120-odd group were  interested in the session and gave a number of good answers to the questions that we asked. Also, one of the members of the Nature Club here told us that following the water session that we had conducted, they had done a mapping of the  entire water system of the school. They had also got the peons to fix the fix leakages that were present in the school. The boy, Yash told us that he had managed to get around 30 people in his building to join in the "Cut the Flush" Campaign. The only task remaining for the school to follow up on was the drum to collect waste water. This also was in the process of being done.

Although we were a bit disappointed in the way the session went through today, we are hopeful that the school will make a strong, concerted effort in the Green Schools Campaign, and also give rise to many more environmental thinkers and leaders!


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