Let's Save 'Watt' We Have at Auxilium High School, Pali

February 3, 2012
     If you want to save Planet Earth, all one has to do is get started and make a difference. The Auxilium High School girls from Pali are already making Eco-conscious efforts to make this difference . As the session commenced, the girls made a small presentation about the various activities to conserve water in their school and at homes. The students stated that their efforts maybe small but every drop counts! They even presented a report on all the leakages that were fixed in their school. Then, we moved on to the topic of our Current Session ' Energy Conservation'. 
Alden introduced the concept of energy to the students by asking the students to draw out the major changes that have over occurred over a period of time in our way of living and how it has resulted in a steady increase in Energy consumption. Jessica elaborated further on how this increment of Energy Usage affects us with the help of statistics. Then, there was a screening of an 8 minute clip on Global Warming by National Geographic. Following which, there was a small discussion regarding the impacts of Climate Change and the need for conservation. Alden, then gave the students different activities they could do to conserve Energy in their Schools. The girls were quite enthusiastic to implement the various energy saving ideas that were given to them. We wish the Auxilium girls all the very best !


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