St Xavier's Boys' Academy on the Path to Saving Water

February 09, 2012

St. Xavier's Boys Academy Churchgate was the location for our latest session on water conservation. Our session was with the 7th, 8th and 9th standard students of the school, and boy were they an excited, relaxed, enthusiastic bunch! We began our session by asking the boys their views on the recent "Meet the Mithi" Program that we had conducted. We got quite a few good reciews for the same. Following this, we delved into our topic for the day "Water Conservation and its importance".

We started off with Jessica explaining to the boys how vital a role water plays in our everyday life, and how its unchecked  wastage leads to problems like massive water shortages, and a number of different problems all over the city. This was followed by the playing of the documentary fim, "Water". The students watched the entire movie with earnest interest and answered a host of different questions that Alden asked later. Following this, Alden explained a presentation on the water activities that the boys were expected to complete by the next month. The boys had a number of questions anf ideas and it looked like we were in the most enthusiastic student group yet!

We hope the excitement of the students continues and becomes stronger through the years!


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