Holy Cross, Mira Road Get Into The Green Scene

February 6, 2012
               We are almost nearing the end of our Campaign this year and guess what! Holy Cross Convent School Mira Road is the new school aboard the Green Schools Campaign! Today the GreenLine team had its session with the bright eyed and bushy tailed students from Holy Cross Convent School. Since the number of students for the session was large, they were divided into two groups.
   We had our first session on Water Conservation with the Class 7th students. The session began with a small exercise by Fr.Savio which helped the students realize that Planet Earth is under threat and how we must act now to save it. Next there was a screening of a GreenLine documentary 'Water'. Then the students were engaged in a small discussion about the different issues raised in the film with regards to the Water scenario in Mumbai. Jessica, gave a presentation on the different aspects of water shortage and wastage with the help of statistics. The students were quite boggled with the figures and wanted to embrace a much greener lifestyle. So Alden  gave the students a number of activities they could do to conserve Water in their Schools and Neighborhoods. The students were excited to try out these activities and spread the word on Water Conservation. 
            The next session was with the other batch of students from Class Seventh on Waste Management. Another batch of Eco-concerned students who were well aware that we are responsible for our home-Planet Earth. The session began with the screening of another GreenLine Movie which emphasized on the beauty of our Blue Planet-Earth and how it is gradually being destroyed. The students response that followed after the movie convinced us that they really want to do their bit for the environment. Alden, then elaborated further on how we are a trashing our Planet with all the waste with the help of facts and figures. Following which, Fr.Savio spoke to students about conducting a Waste Audit in their School which would help them reduce, reuse and recycle the waste generated in their school. He suggested that the activity involve the school staff as well. The students made avowed intent that they would do their best to do these activities. 
We wish the students of Holy Cross Convent all the best in their endeavors


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