Don Bosco Naigaon Students Make Superb Eco Maps

20th September 2011

The children of Don Bosco High School, Naigaon, had been one excited lot when we reached their school for a Green Schools Campaign session. And why not, the boys and girls had been working hard and long for the session, one that they would be preparing themselves. Today's session was a follow up to the Eco Mapping activity that they had been presented with earlier. A very enthusiastic and bubbly group, the students of the eco-club here did proper justice to the activity, with each team making superb presentations.

The four teams were given four separate tasks: the first team had to present all of the assets that they found in the school; the second team, all the things that needed improvement. The third team looked at all of the assets that were in the immediate vicinity of the school, and the fourth looked into problematic issues in the same area. All of the teams made their presentations substantial by adding powerpoint slideshows, with loads of photographs, and accurate information on the problems that they face. The children not only showed their adeptness at pin-pointing problems that they faced, but also showed quite a mastery by providing feasible solutions for them.  Their presentations were followed by a little review of how the activity was, and this in turn led to presentations on the waste problem in Mumbai, and the student's subsequent activity: carrying out a waste audit in the school.

There were a lot of positive things to notice in this particular session. Firstly, each and ever student of the eco-club was involved in the eco-mapping activity. There was real effort put into making the presentations as good as they were, and even the teacher played an active role in making the presentation interesting. Following our talks with the students, many of them went home and sent e-mails to newspaper correspondents on how the roads in their city are in dire need of repairs, and hence showed will and grit to change Naigaon into a more citizen-responsible. Here's hoping that their waste audit presentation will be just as interesting as their earlier one, if not better!


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