Moving Forward—Don Bosco Matunga

9th September 2011

The Nature Club of Don Bosco Matunga is making steady progress in turning their school into a more environment-friendly place. Having completed their waste audit, the students made a presentation on their findings. They concluded that while the per capita production of waste is relatively low, littering and waste segregation are major concern areas in the school.

To help the students work out strategies of effective waste management, Ms. Kalpana Andhare from Stree Mukti Sanghatna explained the types of waste that can be recycled, the actual process of recycling, and the hazards posed by excessive use of plastic. After watching Stree Mukti Sanghatna’s film on waste, the students realized that it is not waste itself that is ‘bad’; rather, the problem lies in our faulty methods of disposal.

Ms. Kalpana also explained some of the cultural reasons for the increasing amount of waste, and some of the students also pointed out that many environmental problems are caused by our ‘use and throw’ consumption habits.

After the session, the leaders of the four teams within the nature club met with the GreenLine staff to work out a plan to curb littering and ensure correct segregation of waste in their school. Armed with a long list of ideas, lots of enthusiasm and a new-found confidence in their role as environmental leaders, these students are sure to make positive changes in the atmosphere of their school as well as the habits of the students.


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