Its time for a Waste Audit at Auxilium Convent High School, Bandra!

September 12,  2011

The girls at Auxilium Convent High School were one excited lot today-- they were having their first session ever as a nature club. All of them girls of the ninth standard, had a good idea of what was going to be the subject for the session and seemed enthusiastic about having such a session. We were wondering if the girls would be receptive and interactive about the topic for the session, but once we did introduce ourselves, the girls seemed more than happy that we were there. They kept replying to all of the queries we had for them, and all of their answers were quick, well-thought ones. It was good to see their active participation for a good one and a half hour.

The session began with Fr. Savio introducing the topic of waste and explaining why it is so important to tackle the problem at the earliest possible. This was followed by the GreenLine movie on Planet Earth. The girls ooh-ed and aah-ed throughout the movie, and it was a happy sight to see them all enjoying. This was followed by a presentation by Alden on the state of waste and its vast amounts in the city. The girls were adept at answering and identifying the problem areas in our city well. Next, we did a presentation on the activity that the students will engage in during the coming month: conducting a waste audit in the school. The girls will now make a presentation next month on the same, and then subsequently take up other green activities.

We hope that the enthusiasm of the students of Auxilium Convent High School continues through the year, and they are able to convince others to join them in their green endeavor! We also wish them all the best for the Green Schools Campaign!


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