St. Paul's Boys' High School Dadar set for a Waste Audit

26th September 2011

There are a lot of different things that we have noticed as the Green Schools Campaign has journeyed out this year. There are schools that are doing a great many number of activities and there are schools that are doing a little lesser, since they are new to the campaign. However, one thing that remains constant, through all the schools that we visit, and all the students that we interact with is the fact that everyone wants to do something, everyone wants to make a positive impact. This phenomenal attitude was seen once again today, at St. Paul's Boys' High School, Dadar.  Close to seventy students from the school, all part of the school's Eco-club, attended the first session for the Green Schools Campaign in their school.

Following the GreenLine movie, the children listened attentively to all of the waste facts and figures for the city of Mumbai. The children were unanimous in saying that cleaning the city was an important prerogative and should begin with themselves, and so they decided that keeping the school clean would be their first step. However, the boys here would be not only taking care of the garbage once it was created, but would rather be looking at steps through which they could reduce the garbage in the school, eventually aiming to be a zero-garbage school. so the first activity that they would be carrying out was the waste audit. So enthusiastic are the students here, that they will be starting their audit in three days time.

We are certain that this school, with time, will be one of the leading schools in the Green Schools' Campaign. The GreenLine team wishes the principal, the teachers, and all the students the very best in all their green endeavors. 


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