Duruelo Convent (Bandra) gets going on the Green Campaign

23rd September 2011

The determination with which the students trooped into the audio-visual hall—all bright and beaming—set the tone for our first session at Duruelo High School, Bandra. All the students from the three divisions of Std. IX were present for the session, along with the captains and leaders from Stds. VII & VIII. And yes, a team of teachers sat through the session too. 

Even the Principal dropped into the hall a couple of times, and at the end of the session met us for a detailed discussion on the follow-up of the activity we had given the students. This school definitely has a lot of green in its DNA!

At the start of our discussion with the students, when we asked them if they believed that it was their responsibility to address the environmental concerns we are faced with today, all hands shot up, and they were unanimous in declaring that they would like to do their bit to protect and improve the environment. They paid rapt attention to the presentation on Waste in Mumbai and keenly followed the details of how to conduct a Waste Audit in the school. At the end of the session, tasks were divided and the students enthusiastically promised to get the audit done in the following week itself.

On our way back to Matunga we kept commenting on the amount of trash that is spilling all over our city. We realized that taking responsibility for waste is not just an environmental issue, but a question of basic good manners. And the students at Duruelo Convent are ready to get involved in spreading this culture of good manners and responsibility! 


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