The Green Army at Auxilium Convent School, Wadala

22nd September 2011

The future of our country and the world indeed lies in the hands of present and future generations of its citizens. So, without a  doubt, the larger the number of youth and children joining in the endeavor, the better for Mother Earth. 

Going by this thought then, the girls at Auxilium Girls' Convent High School are definitely gearing up to shape up a greener future, happy and safe for all. Proof of this: In a first of its kind, the Green School Campaign session over here in the school, there were no less than 150 students who attended. That's thrice the regular number of students we normally take in a session--and that today was only the first session!

The session we took for the girls included the GreenLine movie, a presentation on Waste in Mumbai and the activity-presentation on conducting a waste audit in the school. Brimming with enthusiasm and so many students wishing to answer questions and be part of the session, it was set to be a mammoth task to arrange all of the girls in teams for the activities. In a span of ten minutes, however, the girls' had been divided into three groups: the Green Doves, the Green Tigers and the Wildcats!

We are sure that here, with all the excitement and action-oriented spirit that the girls have, the waste audit is going to be a breeze of an activity, and will also be helpful in the school's later green activities.


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