St. Xavier's Boys' Academy Gets Ready for Green Interviews

7th September 2011

St. Xavier's Boys Academy Churchgate had its first session with GreenLine yesterday, and the boys were probably amongst the bubbliest lot of students we had come across. Right from the first thought-process activity that we engaged them in, the boys asked innumerable questions, and interestingly enough, even sought to answering each other's questions. It was evident from the way these students answered, who were by the way, all members of the Nature Club, that they knew why they were there at the session, and that the environment held a place of importance in their everyday life.

Since the boys are in the Green Schools Campaign for the first time, they will be first doing a survey of sorts- they will be seeing how environmentally conscious the students, teachers, other staff, and even the principal are. The method that they will be following is the direct interview method, and the primary aim of the activity is to understand where their school stands, with respect to awareness towards the environment. This will also play a pivotal role in understanding what will be the future course of activities for their school's Nature Club.

We wish the students, teachers and all those involved in this environmental endeavor at St. Xavier's Boys Academy all the very best, and are sure that by the end of the year, all of you are going to achieve whatever green aim you choose! 


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