Let's Save Energy at St.Jerome's , Kashmira!

20th January, 2011

        With every school we come across we see that the children have developed environmentally-friendly values and behaviours. They understand quite well about climate change and  other emnvironmental problems that are posing 
a threat for our survival on this Planet. Our session here began with the students listing out the  activities they have carried out to conserve water in their schools and communities. It was good to see the enthusiasm with which they spoke about all the tasks they have completed from our last session's 'my school saves water challenge'. They had spread awareness regarding water shortage in their school and neighborhoods.
  Alden  then introduced the topic of 'Energy' to the students by asking them to list out the various changes in our lifestyles we have undergone and how our dependence on technology has increased our dependence on energy! Then, Jessica spoke about the fundamental challenge of increase in demand and the decline in the supply of fossil fuel energy with the help of statistics! The students spoke about different ways by which they could save energy as students. Next, Alden listed out a number of activities to help the students conserve energy in their schools and at homes. The students were all  excited to try out these activities and we wish them all the best with their efforts to be an energy efficient school!


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