2012 opens at St. Theresa’s, Bandra

6th January 2012

The schools in Mumbai have reopened after the Christmas holidays, and so the Green Schools Campaign is also back in action. But really, the Campaign did not take a holiday during the holidays! We have been hearing of so many students who have been doing their own campaigning all through the Christmas week, especially spreading the ‘Cut the Flush’ idea and getting families in their neighbourhoods to implement the same. Congrats to all these Young Green Leaders!  

Our first session for 2012 was at St. Theresa’s High School, Bandra. This school has an up-and-about Nature (Science) Club, who are constantly looking out for new activities to engage in. Our session with them this morning – on Water – was met with immediate interest. All hands shot up when they were asked if they would take up the challenge to save water in their school, and also in their neighbourhoods. As with the other schools, the ‘cut the flush’ project was taken up with great enthusiasm. The students vouched that they would implement this idea in their own homes, and also talk to their friends and neighbours about it. Seeing the bright resolve on their faces, we are certain they will be soon spreading these ideas all over Bandra!  


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