Watt's Down with Our lady of Good Counsel, Sion!

 17 January, 2012
Today Team GreenLine had its session with the Eco Club members of Our Lady of Good Counsel School,Sion. Planet Earth is like a canary in a coal mine but there's still a huge hope left for our planet as these young minds move forward with go green mindset. This, we observed as the students spoke about how they implemented different methods to cut down on water wastage in their schools by fixing the leaks in their school buildings, spreading more awareness and taking forward 'cut the flush' idea in their neighborhoods! They spoke about the experiences while approaching the people in their communities with 'cut the flush' idea and how it made them happy when someone implemented it. They even put up posters to help spread awareness w.r.t water wastage and conservation.

Fr.Savio then introduced the topic for our today's session by engaging the students in a discussion to list out the various lifestyle changes that have occurred over the years and how this has resulted in excess consumption of Energy. Then Jessica, elaborated further on the issue of increased Energy usage and how it affecting the planet and presented certain facts and figures related to it. Next, there was a screening of a Movie which emphasized on the impacts of Global warming caused by increased Energy Consumption. After the movie, the students highlighted the various issues raised in the movie. Alden then gave them a list of activities the students could take up to reduce energy usage in their school and become an energy efficient school! The students were all geared up to try these new set of activities and we wish them luck with it!  


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