Every Drop Counts, Duruelo Convent!

6th January, 2012 

Our second session for the day was with the girls of Duruelo Convent. On our way to the hall, we were surprised to see that there was a recycle bin placed at the end of the corridor. Indeed, it seems that this school is doing its best to be part of environment conservation! By far, the largest crowd we've had a session with ! There were around 350 enthusiastic girls from the seventh and eighth grade present for this session! The session began with  Fr.Savio asking the girls about various problems plaguing the environment today. Bubbling with tremendous excitement, these girls were pit-pat with their answers!  

There was a screening of the GreenLine documentary on 'Water' which highlighted the miscellaneous issues surrounding Mumbai's water supply! After watching the documentary, the girls were asked to give in their inputs about their take on this issue. They agreed that water is indispensable for our survival and we must do our every bit to help conserve it. Then, Jessica gave a presentation on the different water statistics elaboratng on the different issues of water shortage and wastage. Followed by which, Fr.Savio gave the students My School Saves Water Challenge which would help them to become Zero Water Wastage School .

The Duruelo Convent Girls are all fired up and set to save water, we wish them all the best in their efforts! 


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