Brighter Energy Saving Ideas come alive at Our Lady of Dolours High School, Marine Lines!

january 27, 2012

So, here we were, back at possibly the tiniest school we are working with - Our Lady of Dolours, Marine Lines. The size of the school however, can never measure the enthusiasm of these students here. In the prelude to our session, all the boys and girls were bright and pepped up for another session of environmental awareness and action. We started of by doing a recap on the last session, which dealt with water. The students said they had done a diar bit of work- we felt they could have done better. Nonetheless, a little is better than none at all.

The boys and girls loved the starter exercise of comparing two children's different lifestyles; one being from the 1980's and the other from 2012. The primary aim achieved recieved this was the understanding that the consumptiopn of energy had gone up drastically with the passage of time. Jessica then did the energy presentation for the kids, explaining different statistics and figuures of energy use and needs around the world. Following this, the Energy Activities for the month were presented by Alden. All of the students were seemingly excited about the entire idea of having different energy related activities.

This school is proof of the fact that even if space is a constraint, it doesn't necessarily have to mean the stopping of children activities. Kudos to the school for their participation in tghe Green Schools Campaign and making the world a better place!


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