Andreans to Save up on Energy!

24th January,2012
    Today the GreenLine Team had a session with the Andrean boys.Throughout the session, the boy were quite diligent with their answers .The session began with Fr. Savio asking the boys about the different factors that have led to rise in Energy usage at present. He then spoke about how our dependence on fossil fuels will eventually lead to its depletion and increased levels of pollution in the atmosphere and also about the impacts of excess Energy usage and how this has now put a tremendous strain on our environment. Next, there was a screening of a 8minute short clip about Climate change, its impacts by National Geographic. After watching the movie, the boys pointed out that we need good leadership if we intend to change the direction in which we are headed. Then, the boys were given a set of activities which would help them conserve energy in their school so as to be an energy efficient school. The boys were quite excited to try out these activities and we wish them luck with it.


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