Don Bosco High Schoo, Matunga-- Conservation is the Secret of Our Energy

January 9, 2012

The year 2012 has begun on an inspiring note for those working on environmental issues as the United Nations has out and out declared it to be the International Year of Sustainable Energy for all. Unlike the issues of Forests, and Water like in the earlier years, here is a subject that perhaps links the old and the new better than any other: A need for the use of energy from the earliest of days, to the newest problem of fossil fuels running out at a much faster rate than they are being produced. This formed the background against which the GreenLine team decided that the  topic of "Understanding and Conserving Energy" would be the next area to go out to school kids with.

Don Bosco Boy's High School, Matunga was the first school to have joined in on our "Save Energy" initiative, and were quite an excited batch of students. Their excitement stemmed from the fact that the school had managed to successfully start a vegetable garden in their premises. They were also all ready to take up the challenge of conserving energy, and also looking into avenues where they could use renewable energy. There was a short 8 minute clip by the National Geographic Channel that we showed on the energy crisis. This was followed by a presentation by Alden on the way energy works, and different statistics on energy from all around. This presentation was followed by a presentation by Fr Savio explaining different steps that could be undertaken to spread awareness on energy conservation and also some activities that could be undertaken in the school and outside.

The students seemed enthusiastic to use the ideas that were given out through the session. We wish them the very best in their ever-growing endeavor to make a greener, cleaner planet.


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