Fort Convent - Save ON, Switch OFF

23rd January 2012

       Man in the process of advancing further has explored and benefited from the Planet but has led to the slow destruction of the equilibrium that existed between the nature and ecosystem. The students of Convent of Jesus and Mary High School, Fort are well aware about the environmental crisis which is already at our door and they are doing their best to be more environmentally responsible in every little way possible. At the start of the session, the students came up with an impressive model of their school building and explained it in brief. Then they spoke about the check for leakages that they had conducted in their school. From the start of the session it was quite obvious that their enthusiasm to do their bit for the environment had not been dialed back but rather it had increased.
    Fr.Savio then, asked the girls to pick out the differences in our lifestyle over a specific time period and how all of these changes have resulted in increased demand and supply for Energy. Next, Jessica presented the facts and figures on how this surge for Energy has lead to more usage of fossil fuels which have in turn taken a tremendous toll on our environment.  There was a screening of a National Geographic Movie featuring the impacts of Global Warming. Following which there was a presentation by Alden on the different activities that  the girls could undertake to conserve Energy and spread awareness.
 At the end of the session, the girls presented about the need for water conservation and how they could go about it in their own homes and a small presentation on pollution and how it affects us. These girls will indeed go a long way in changing the way they live and the choices they make and we wish them luck with it. 


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