Towards a 'Brighter' Future~St.Anne's, Colaba

16 January, 2012

Early afternoon saw us heading towards Colaba for our session with the zealous girls of St.Anne's. On our way to A.V room we noticed the posters on Save water posted on the staircase and indeed it was heartening sight! When these girls set their minds to do a task, they do nothing by halves. This was quite evident when the Session began with the girls presenting to the GreenLine Team about Water pollution and also shed some light on the recent groundwater pollution that is affecting India. After this they spoke about different means and methods they have implemented to save water in their schools and as individuals. They even came up to present the Water Map of their school and the leakages that were fixed.

Fr.Savio introduced the topic of 'Save Energy' to the girls by asking them about various changes in our lifestyles in present in comparison to our past and  how these changes have lead to increased consumption of energy in turn having a sizable impact on our environment. The girls were quite diligent with their answers and seemed eager to learn more about the issue. Alden then, explained to the girls how energy works and different figures relative to energy usage in our daily lives and world over consumption. Next, Jessica gave the girls different activities they could undertake to become energy efficient by conserving  energy. The girls were eager to try out the activities conveyed to them in the session and we wish them luck as they strive to be an energy efficient school!


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