Don Bosco High School, Borivli Join Energy Campaign

January 19, 2011

Don Bosco High School looks like the most nature-conscious school we work with-- when we are outside the school, we are surrounded by plants and trees of different kinds. Entering the school, we are greeted by, well, surprisingly, a large number of different kind of birds. This is one of those rare palces in the city where you get to see such a large number of turkeys, along with a large number of different colored birds. If the students of this school want to see what could be at loss with environmental degradation, all they have to do is just look around.

Our energy session started with a presentation by Jessica on the increase of energy consumption and why it is essential to conserve energy. Next we showed the students a short 8 minute clip by the National Geographic Channel on the energy crisis. Alden, then gave a set of activities to the students which would help them to make their school more energy conscious as well as energy efficient! The students were all excited to do these activities and we wish them all the best in their endeavour.   


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