Auxilium High school, Lonavla aboard the green scene!

14th December, 2011

   It was a chilly Thursday morning as we headed to Auxilium High School, Lonavla a new participant in the Green Schools Campaign. As we browsed through the school, we noticed that this school was by far the cleanest school we’ve visited with hardly any litter around the campus. There were about 300 students present for the session accompanied with their teachers and Principal Sr. Suzan.
  The first session was with the decorous and vibrant girls from Class 7th.  These girls were receptive from the start and were willing to make a difference to make Planet Earth a better place to live in. There was a screening of the GreenLine Movie, ‘Planet Earth’, following which, there was a short discussion on the different issues reflected in the movie.  The girls answered all the questions adeptly and also gave in their inputs as to how one could go about conserving the environment ,so far as to even committing themselves to this cause by making paper bags and distributing them to the vendors around their school campus. Next, Alden spoke about the ‘My School Saves Water Challenge’ which would assist the girls to save water in their schools and in their own homes. The girls accepted the challenge and agreed to strive to become green minded individuals.

        After this, the GreenLine team had another session with the girls from Class 8th.  Another enthusiastic lot of girls all ready to contribute their bit to save the Planet! Fr. Savio commenced the session by introducing the girls to the Green Schools Campaign, followed by the GreenLine Movie. The girls were all ears while watching the movie and after the screening the girls said that we need to make collective efforts to save the environment before the last straw is pulled. Fr.Savio proposed the idea of Waste audit in their school and segregation of waste. The girls complied to carry out his activity in their schools.
                We wish the girls of Auxilium High School, Lonavla the very best as they step out to nurture nature for a better future~


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