Lonavla's Biggest EVS Club all Set to Save Water!

March 14, 2011

Imagine you are a painter and have a nice clean canvas in front of you, and your client has asked for a painting depicting Nature at her best. So you decide different color schemes-- no matter how you look at it, you know right form the start that greens, browns and hues of blues are going to be the primary colors to use. Then you think of different elements in the painting, and you will most probably have imagined a stream, lots and lots of trees and mountainsides and cear blue skies. You would also perhaps depict man living his everyday life, thankful to be in the place he is, going about doing his own thing.   That's exactly how Lonavla is- or at least was until maybe the last decade or so. A beautiful canvas of nature at its best, bountifully blessed with mountain tops and valleys, lakes and greenery as far as the eye could look. With epic beauty of such proportions, it is easy to realize that human habitation slowly,  but surely started taking over the serenity of the place, and with the advent of the modern Indian toursit here, the place started losing a bit of its natural and hence, to a degree, its historical grace. 

Anyway, the GreenLine team reached this still-very-similar-to-heaven destination for three sessions. While the first two sessions were held at Auxilium Convent High School, the third and final session was held at Don Bosco High School. The student group that we met here was without a doubt the most colorful and varied group of students. Well, to put it simply, the colored part came from the fact that being such a large group of varied students, a lot of them were not in uniform; something that we had gotten accustomed to having been to only schools in Mumbai. Earlier. More interestingly, when we say the students in the group were varied, think a hundred and fifty students right from the fifth standard to the Twelfth  Standard! The session over here was pretty interesting for a variety of reasons. Firstly, sitting right in the lap of nature, it is quite a task to explain the need for conservation, because unlike the city of Mumbai, this place has a lot of nature all around. However, the students here did have a good understanding that saving nature is something that needs to be looked into with full conviction. The students explained some of the problems that were faced over here, and also showed that they were interested in saving the beauty that surrounded them. Hence, it was no surprise then, that following the two GreenLine movies the students were all excited about taking part in the 'My School Saves Water' Challenge! 

With an EVS club as dynamic as Don Bosco High School, Lonavla, the schools back in Mumbai could very well be looking at their stiffest competition coming from outside. We would like to thank Fr. Lorenzo, Sir William and the EVS Club for having us for the session here, hoping to see all of the people very soon, and also wishing everyone All the Best for their new venture!


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